What is you can that I can't too?

There are endless dreams to dream
And they all've been dreamed before
Packed, sealed and sold akin
To countless dreamers wanting more

And all this world will show
Is all there is to know
There's nothing out of tone
Nothing more than you alone
Dream your dreams in hours of sleep
Do your job, a floor to sweep


But there's a place between the lines
Ideas waiting for the mind

Aren't you walking out of way?
I hope you don't have much to say

From a distance all the same
Who can dream all and stay sane?

I'd stay put, it's not that bad
What it is that makes you sad?

I see people going nowhere
I see men who live to sleep
I see money walk in circles
Binding each and every feet

If I were you I'd see no choice
Lower the head, lower the voice

Can this be just what it seems?
Another joke in my mad dreams?
Will I change the world I see?
Or is it still from me to me?

You're not sure of what you say
Will you just shut up and stay?

Have I heard the sound of music?
Have I read the lines of text?
Have this all been but illusion?
One more image of the past?

Something may seem just not right
But then again, where would you strike?

One should do what one can do
What is you can that I can't too?

2 comentários:

  1. Eu me interesso pela sua call to arms. É interessante como continuamos a lutar, mesmo sem saber se estamos atingindo algo.

  2. Rafa, pensou em postar as tentaivas de letra e musica no Youtube?