I think we could live forever

What is life
in these eternal dreams of ours?

Not more than a moment
eclipsed by giants of time

Two blocks of dark
Two sides of ever
Infinite, as far as we can see

Small and weak
we stand the middle
To live this hole
To search for freedom

How fast a glimpse
How thin the line
and yet,
How divine

How pointless to look for meaning
to keep the score
to ask who's winning

If only we could dream
and I don't say that just to sound clever
If we could keep on dreaming
I think we would live for ever


To quote the Floyd
We reach for the the secret too soon
We cry for the moon
And why not?

Those who suffice
with what was given by life
are only left to rot


This I write for a friend
Who has seen and heard it all
and I'm sure can easily tell
from where I came and where I end

Who is me
in a way that I will never be

Keep in touch
and farewell

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