What is this game they play? Are they playing with or against each other? Sometimes it seems more clear, as if one of them has the higher ground. But only for a second. They never try for the goal, as if each one could tell, with a simple look, that the other two would inevitably block their path. Sometimes it looks like a dance. Sometimes it's a fight; a war actualy, bigger than any single war. Sometimes the ball appears to become the world . Sometimes it becomes a human head; then my head; then it transforms into the heads of every single person in the world , every second, always coming back to mine, and starting all over again. When have I started playing? I stepped on the court out of pure amusement, they looked at me just once. Who's with me? Who's against me? One thing I know, it's the most important game in the world. The only one.


Who are you?

We're three.

We're one.

We're human.

We're not.

We're essence.

Are we?

We're the essence of an idea.

Are we?

We're the idea of essence itself.

Are we?

We're all.

We're as human as we are rock, leaf, water or fire.

If we don't exist as three, light and darkness cannot exist as two.

For we are us, but we are also you.


You play with peoples lifes.

You laugh at peoples feelings.

And don't you also?



Remember child, we do play, and we do laugh, but we also mourn and cry at the death and suffering of every one of you.

Every one of us.

And everyone in between.

Don't we?

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