You feel his frozen glance as he approaches. The stare does not hesitate, looking straight at you. Eyes of glittering ice asking intently for your own. There's sorrow in those eyes, but truth also, and you fear he'll see through your lies. You look away, but on the corner of your sight, the wolf stares still. Coldly asking for your eyes, as he slowly approaches.


You look back. Once. Twice. No eyes follow you. But you can always feel the fear on the back of their heads. You feel it because you fear them as much. You'd never know what to do if ever they looked back.


"No one trusts the wolf. This shady character he plays is definitely up to something. Wolfs should stick with wolfs"


You know you ask for something you yourself could never give. You've found others on your way, asking for that same impossible truth. 

But two wolfs will only mourn together after monthly moons of dreamy sorrow.

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